Christmas is for cookies, steaming hot tea, walks in the forest and is first and foremost best when spent with your loved ones. To make more time for that, we want to help you through the busy time with a careful selection of gifts that will make everyone on your list smile. Whether you’re shopping for your mum or the one who has it all, we’ve got your back with gift ideas in different price ranges. 


The Connoisseurs know what they like, and they know what the good life is. They indulge in well-prepared food and have a flair for arts. Their impeccable taste may make them an expensive acquaintance, but with their attention to details, you can be certain that the little things work wonders, too.



The Chef is an explorer of tastes and scents that spread out in the home whenever she/he is in the kitchen. The Chef loves getting new gear and knows that the result is better when prepared with the right tools. With a selection of kitchen accessories and tools, this category will please all the master chefs you know.    



The Fashionista’s look is always flawless, and her closet is bigger than her living room. Please her with new accessories to make her wardrobe even nicer or practical furniture to lend a helping hand, creating order in her growing collection of beauty. 



Your friend with a green thumb cares about nature and environmentally friendly products. With a selection of organic, GOTS certified textiles and sustainable alternatives this category is made for them. Gift them a green friend planted in the Sekki Pot or a scented candle made of soy wax instead of the conventional stearin.



No-one throws a party like the Host who even makes everything look easy as Sunday morning. Nothing is left to chance when the Host invites over – even if just for a cup of coffee. Treat them (and yourself as a frequent visitor) with new beautiful designs for an exquisite dinner or a lovely afternoon tea. 



You don’t need to travel far to explore new places. Wrap adventures up for the curious little monkeys of your life in the shape of accessories inspired by the savannah and let them make new best friends among its natural inhabitants. 



Do you know a little genius to whom the sky is the limit in the kids’ room? This Christmas, you can send them on a direct spaceship on a journey to the moon and back with the new kids’ series inspired by the universe. 



They may not know their way around in the world yet, but they will still be pleased with the fun roly-poly of the Fruiticana series or a soft place to nap. When they grow up, they will also love you for gifting them a memory box, collecting their first steps, funny quotes, or their favourite pacifier.