1st Sunday of Advent Gift

1st Sunday of Advent Gift

On each Sunday of Advent, you will find a little something special on our website to sweeten Christmas time

There’s no way around it: We love Christmas time at ferm LIVING and all the traditions that follow. And we especially treasure one thing that we have decided to share with you this year. Each of the four Sundays of Advent, there will be a little treat to find on our website and webshop as a count-down for Christmas Eve.

To start it off, we have created a sheet of wallpaper for the Miniature Funkis House that you can print and cut out and taper the house with to give it a significant touch. We have created a small version of our regular kids’ wallpapers: Fruiticana, Terrazzo Rose, Seaside, Swan and Thin Lines wallpaper.


Click here to download the miniature wallpaper and a guide to paper the Miniature Funkis House