KIDS’ Favourites

KIDS’ Favourites

Our KIDS Category Manager, Cathrine, shows us her favourite pieces from the spring/summer collection

Our shelves are slowly filling up with the new, playful designs from the spring/summer KIDS collection. With so many new styles for children of all ages, we are having a hard time choosing our favourites. This is why we asked Cathrine, our KIDS' category manager, to tell us about her selected favourites of the season.

1. Little Architect
"Little Architect is a perfect series of children's furniture that doesn't need to be hidden in the kids' room. The clean lines and colours make space for the childish creativity, yet don't make too much noise placed in the living room."

2. Hush Bedding Light Blue
"The yarn-dyed Hush bedding gives you that perfect feeling of wrapping up in a nice, oversized shirt. The softness of the organic cotton spun into this fine melangé makes sleeping delightful, and makes you want to stay in bed all day.

3. Knot Bean Bag Blue
"The Knot Bean Bag is a perfect multifunctional furniture with an awesome print that all children and childlike souls will love."

4. Popcorn Cushion
"For a family with kids versatility is a prioritised quality. The 3D like cushions can both be used for playing and cuddling, and are equally playful and classic."

5. ABC Wall Deco
"You really feel the quality and craftsmanship in this wall piece – a childish vibe and unique art woven into one fun and lovely wall decoration piece."