Playful Walls in the KIDS’ Room

Playful Walls in the KIDS’ Room

Wallpaper in the kids’ room will shroud your children’s universe in an atmosphere of whimsical playfulness


Wallpaper was where it all started: The first design ever made under the name of ferm LIVING was wallpaper, and this tradition has continued to develop ever since. We want to inspire decoration that creates homes, not just houses. Especially in the Kids’ rooms, we want to help you create a space that sparks your kids’ imagination and gives them the opportunity to lose themselves in childish fantasies.

We treasure colours and shapes, and our various wallpapers are a natural extension of this. Wallpaper in the kids’ room is an easy way to give the space an entirely new life, look and feel. With only a few rows of printed wallpaper, the children’s room turns into a tranquil forest, a day at the seaside or a fun party.

Easy and Environmentally Friendly
We only make nonwoven wallpapers that make papering a room easy as pie. Nonwoven wallpaper is made of a mix of paper and textile that doesn’t tear, and that is easily washed, but first and foremost: Easy to hang with a great result. Instead of applying the wallpaper paste on the paper, you apply it directly unto the wall, making the handling and hanging much easier.

All of ferm LIVING wallpaper is the result of a careful production process. The colours printed on the non-woven wallpaper are water-based and manually mixed for each batch to ensure the just-right hue.

Nonwoven wallpaper is also an environmentally friendly solution as it is made of synthetic and natural fibres, not with vinyl. And the paper used in the wallpaper is made from sustainable forestry. The natural fibres also make the wallpaper breathable, so the risk of mould is minimal while providing an extreme stability and durability.

Should you tire of it, you’re in luck. The nonwoven quality is strippable, and if you remove the outer layer, you have a ready surface to wallpaper with a new print, colour or pattern. Be adventurous when choosing wallpaper for the kids’ room; with plenty of various designs, there is certainly one that will shroud your children’s universe in an atmosphere of whimsical playfulness.

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