Sweet Swans

Sweet Swans

The swan has always been shrouded in a fairy tale world. We turned the classic bird into a sweet print for the kids’ room


The mute swan has for more than 30 years been the national bird of Denmark. It may be no coincidence since the same bird starred in the famous and beloved fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen, The Ugly Duckling.

We all remember the fairy tale from our childhood, and we can still find ourselves revelling in the majestic vibe the great bird oozes. The fairy tale is a story about growing up, so the swans naturally became a part of our kids’ collection. The swan print became a series of wallpaperbed bumper, and diaper cloths in an entirely new print, available in two different colours.

Most swans mate for life, so we let the series be a sweet love story that will shroud your children's room in a fairy tale atmosphere with a little touch of magic.

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