The Beginning of My Life

The newest member of the family just arrived, and there's magic in the air. If only you could keep every second of those first years forever...

We introduce a design for the new parents who wish to cherish every step of childhood. "The Beginning of My Life" is the name of our specially designed baby memory box, created with flexibility and personality as the guidelines. There are no rules, no schedules, nor calendars, so you'll never be behind in the making of the box. You decide what is memorable; we create the best possible frames for you to keep it safe.


The box features little boxes, notebooks, and cotton bags to keep the memorabilia for the future. It has cards to make a print of the tiny hands and feet, cotton bags for the first pair of shoes, and the first lock of hair. There's a piece of paper with an envelope so that Mum and Dad can write their new baby a letter he or she can read when they grow up. And we added little matchboxes for the first teeth, a tape measure to track their growth, and plenty of notebooks for the funny things they say.

When the box is filled, and your baby is older, you have a unique treasure chest of the things that made your child into the person it has become. Turn the box into a mirror of your first years together, and let it show who and how your family is.

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