A Good Night’s Sleep

A Good Night’s Sleep

The new Hush series lets you customise size and colour of your bedding, so you can sleep better, softer, and prettier

As somebody who is always on the search for ways to improve our sleep, we put a lot of thought and time into choosing just the right bedding. Safe to say, we have never slept as well as we have snuggled in the textiles of the Hush series made entirely of organic and GOTS certified cotton.

Customise Size and Colour
We wanted to embrace the personal preferences of pillows and duvets. Separate pillowcases and duvet covers seemed the obvious solution to creating a series of bedding that could be tailored to your needs. The Hush bedding, therefore, consists of pillowcases in five different sizes and duvet covers in both single, extra-length, and double cover.

Hush not only lets you customise your bedding in just the right size but also gives you the opportunity to play around with colours and patterns. The line comes in three different overall designs: solid colour, Milkyway print, and a yarn-dyed version, each in two different colours. A beatific dynamic appears when mixing the subtle shades of bedding that are easily changed up with little touches or replacements.

The Crisp Feel of Fresh Linen
Dim colours and finely patterned cotton textiles come together in a durable series of linen inspired by the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi. The naturalness of the organic and GOTS-certified cotton, understated hues, and the crisp feel of crinkled bedding are all part of this way of life that seeks beauty in the little imperfections and natural tranquillity. Japan also has a strong tradition of passing down linens, which served as the inspiration for the two yarn-dyed Hush designs that will only become more beautiful in time.

See the entire Hush series here and choose your own favourite combination