An Easter Setting

An Easter Setting

We set the table for long and lovely Easter lunches with room for everyone we know

Easter, too us, equals long, lovely lunches with our friends and family. This year, we treasure our large Mingle Table, capable of seating all our guests. We always seek a setting that invites to lingering around the table for hours, forgetting time and place, merely enjoying each other's company.

There is no getting around the eggs of the Easter meals, and we are so pleased to finally get to break in our new Groove Egg Cups that match the final round of the luncheon: a steaming cup of coffee, presented in the Groove Cups. Spring and nature are represented in our meal by the naturalness of the Neu stoneware with a warm, earthy, but refreshing green glazing.

We love mixing materials, and the stoneware series goes especially well together with the brass of the Fein spoons and salad servers. For that extra sparkle, the mouth-blown glass series Ripple is a natural guest on the table, and it's nothing short of fantastic to see how the rippled glass reflects all the colours on the table and turns them into an iridescent play of light.

With the right setting, there is no reason why Easter lunches wouldn't turn into Easter dinners, and with the size of the Mingle table there is always room for one more guest: If there's room in your heart there's room in your home – but good furniture always helps a little!