Creating the Quilt Cushion

Creating the Quilt Cushion

The right material is an important part of our design process, and so also in the creation of Quilt Cushion that are incredible soft and durable.

We don't believe in "as usual" or "just" when we create new designs. We try to raise the bar in each new collection to inspire and to challenge the general conception of the things we surround ourselves with in our homes. Our line of Quilt cushions is one of the results of this on-going process. The Dutch interior textile brand Febrik became an active partner in the creation of the knitted Quilt cushions.

Working with Febrik, developing the right fabric was not the last thing we did upon conceptualising the design of the cushion; it was the starting point. The nature of the unique three-layer material of natural wool and stretchy polyamide was a quality of the entire design and much more than “just” a material.

The three-dimensional structure of the knitted fabric is a common feature through the Febrik collections, and it is one of the things that set our Quilt Cushions apart. In the ferm LIVING universe, it did not take long for the Quilt series to become an essential part of our collections.

We strive at using natural materials that are long-lasting. The natural wool is such a durable material that will last a long time while being remarkably soft. Mixed with polyamide, known for its elasticity and durability, the Quilt Cushion is as soft as long-lasting. The result is an exclusive pillow you can use for many years to come.

The Quilt Cushions will easily fit into your home, and they are available in many different colours. In the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, we added a new small size to the series that now count four different variants: from a small sofa cushion to larger cushions to use on the floor or as a big headboard cushion in your bed. The small Quilt cushion is beautifully combined and adds a dynamic feel to your home when mixed with the other sizes: Choose a subtle colour for the large pillows, but be bold and match it with brighter coloured smaller cushions.

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