Enhance the well-being in the home with greenery

Enhance the well-being in the home with greenery

ferm LIVING designed the classic Plant Box three years ago; todays it has grown into a larger series of versatile designs that let you add green plants to every corner of your life

This fall marks the third birthday of the Plant Box – a design which quickly grew into a beloved classic in our collection. Since then, the family of original containers for plants to add some green to every corner of your home has grown steadily, so that now, our Green Living collection is a perfect fit for homes of all sizes. From small wall-mounted boxes for a single green plant, over the kitchen counter essential for your favourite herbs to the large Plant Box with room enough for you to make a curated selection of larger plants.



From the very beginning of ferm LIVING, plants have had an important role to play –whether printed on wallpaper or placed in a vessel. To us, plants are the perfect accessory in any room of the home. The green leaves and unique shapes do not only offer texture and the occasional splash of colour but also have a proven effect on your mood and well-being in your home. Some studies have even shown that plants can be stress-reducing and make people feel happier.


We named them Plant Box, yet with time it has become clear you don’t need a green thumb to make use of the functional design – they can be so much more: A mini-bar, a bedside tidy, a practical place to put your keys in the hallway. With or without the Brass Tray or the round table top, they make room for everything from plants to books.