ferm LIVING illustrated

ferm LIVING illustrated

The Copenhagen-based illustrator Marie Boye has created lovely illustrations of our collections that truly captures the feeling

Whenever we present collections of new designs, we don't just aim at showing the products. What we want to do is to create settings and atmospheres that express a certain feeling or mood. We are currently working on a new presentation of what we do to new customers and retailers and in that process the question of who we are, and what it means became a frequently recurring subject.

This time, we chose to take on another perspective than usually, and this view came in the shape of the Copenhagen-based illustrator Marie Boye who agreed to make a couple of illustrations of our recent collections. We were overwhelmed to see the result that to us, really captures the moods we endeavoured in our own conceptualising of our collection.

You can see all the lovely images, she did for us, and learn more about Marie Boye in her portfolio.