ferm LIVING Pop-up shop

Pop-up Shop – A visual retrospect

As the first brand ever, ferm LIVING opened the gates to the unique facilities at the old power station at Bremerholm in central Copenhagen

When finding the right location we wanted an extraordinary space, which would be seen as an extension of our design ambitions. The old power station definitely fulfilled our dreams and we instantly felt in love with the building’s characteristic exterior and raw and authentic interior, which works as a perfect contrast to our products. Following our ambition of constantly striving to develop our brand we were proud of getting the possibility to have a dedicated ferm LIVING universe in a unique location.

With this visual retrospect, we want to recall all the good memories and show you our highlights. We look back at an amazing pop-up month back in May with sweet and inspiring people popping by, great events, good coffee and beautiful weather in our green courtyard. Thanks to all who visited.