ferm LIVING x Agern: Apple Vinegar Sorbet Recipe

ferm LIVING x Agern: Apple Vinegar Sorbet Recipe

Our collaboration with Restaurant Agern has resulted in a lovely series of images of a couple of Agern’s signature dishes, served on our series of tableware. Here is the recipe for Agern's delicious Apple Vinegar Sorbet

Apple vinegar sorbet
54g glucose syrup
360g Water
50g Sugar                                                                                              
100g Apple cider vinegar
1g Xanthan gum

In a pot place the water, sugar, glucose, and bring to boil, blend the xanthan gum, add the apple cider vinegar to the mixture, mix well and freeze, We use a pacojet to make a soft sorbet.

Caramelized Vinegar
1000g Apple Cider Vinegar
300g Sugar

Cook in a medium size pot, until the vinegar has reduced and has a light caramel color.

450g Apple Cider
50g Water

Mix well both ingredients and freeze overnight. Grind in shaved ice machine or with a fork scrape the ice to create a light snow.