Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines

Using colours in the home can be as difficult as it is rewarding. We give you our best tips and tricks to achieving a colourful look with simplicity

Decorating our new showroom THE HOME in central Copenhagen, colours played a crucial part. Colours change the entire room, and they’re proven to affect the way people feel.
But colours are not just colours, and it’s far from simple to choose the right hue. So how does one choose? And what’s important to consider when flipping through the colour fan deck? We have collected a few tips and tricks to help you through the world of paint and colours.

Products shown: Buckle Jar - Dark Blue, Unfold Room Divider - Dark Green

Simple is more than white
The persisting mantra for many years has been white-white-white. And although white rooms may seem bigger why not go for the spectacle and make the space something special with colours? Simplicity doesn’t only come in white monochromes but may also be achieved using colour. Go all out and choose a bright hue, or go easy with a light tone of green, grey, or blue. In THE HOME, we went with our heart’s desire and chose a shade of pink that we like to think of as ‘misty flamingo’ to achieve the rich atmosphere that catches the eye. Don’t be afraid of the darker colours, but be careful and try out the paint on smaller areas before going all-in. Rock the monochrome expression by choosing furniture in the same colour tones or add little contrasting accessories for a powerful dynamic.

Top to toe
Dare to look at your room from different angles and turn traditions upside down. When painting THE HOME, we didn’t just give the walls a new colour; the doors, panels, even ceiling stand out on their own with the help of paint. In the living room, we combined two colours with similar tones, yet different expressions. The olive-brown ceiling works wonders alongside dark green panels, and the combination is an excellent way to create a sense of coherence in the space.

Products shown: Around Candle Holder - Rust, Balance Tealight Holder - Brass, Sekki Scented Soy Candles (set of 3)

Paint outside the lines
Wall paint is a nice opportunity to play with the geometries of a room. Although consisting of four walls, a ceiling, and a floor, there are more squares to explore than the obvious ones. Try to move a little outside the lines and create colour blocks that challenge the classic dimensions of a room. It’s a great way of uniting the expression of two colours and drawing attention to a point in the space. Use a corner as a starting point, or create your own coloured fields on the wall. The new dimensions created by lines out of the ordinary will work wonders for your home. 

Products shown: Fruiticana Wallpaper, Lunch Box - Terrazzo - Rose, Stripy Snake - Rose, Fruiticana Coral Toy