Rendezvous with Herman Studio

Rendezvous with Herman Studio

We talked to Herman Studio about the Herman Chair, their design process, and finding the right balance

Since 2015 ferm LIVING and Herman Studio have been working together in the creation of beautiful furniture that balance a contemporary expression and classic touches of mid-century design. In the recent Spring/Summer 2017 collection the Herman Family has been expanded with an upholstered version of the Herman Chair. The upholstery is the high-quality textile Fiord by the Danish textile brand Kvadrat made of natural wool. Wool is a sustainable natural fibre that is hard-wearing, making it a perfect textile for a chair that you would want to use everyday.

This week, we talked to Helle and Jonas, the two Danes behind Herman Studio about our collaboration, the design of the Herman Chair, and finding the right balance.

Where does the story of Herman Studio begin?

– We met when we were both still students and participated in a design workshop in Central Copenhagen where selected design students came together to create a table for a Danish TV programme. We were instantly smitten, and one year later we moved to Copenhagen. Then, when Helle was on maternity leave with our first child, we made the decision to take the leap and start for ourselves.

– Our first series FRISBEE was made from a dream of merging our design preferences, which we defined as the contrast between the powerful and the elegant. This series developed into a small line of furniture, and two years later, we presented the first Herman Chair at the North Modern Fair. Right across from us was the ferm LIVING stand, and from this encounter, the dialogue of a design collaboration grew into what it is today.

What were your thoughts behind the design of Herman Chair?

– A chair is one of the most challenging and exciting products to design, as so many parameters must come together. A chair must be able to be seen from all angles; it must relate to a table while being able to stand by itself in a room. And of course, then there is the comfort that is crucial to a lasting chair.

– It took nearly two years of hand sketches, 3D drawings, mock-ups and 1:1 prototypes before finally striking the right balance between our design parameters in one simple expression. During this process, we had to put it away entirely and return later. We find that to be a good way of testing if the design lasts – lasting in the sense that it still touches something inside of you when you look at it again.

… and now with the upholstered version?

– When designing the chair, it was important to us that the chair would keep its original expression in an upholstered variant. By adding the Fiord upholstering by the textile brand Kvadrat which is not a noisy pattern, gives the chair a nice tactility, elegance, and not least quality, while the shape of the chair is still clear.

– In collaboration with ferm LIVING, the graphic element such as colour has gained a bigger significance, which was exciting to us as well as an important part of the final look of the chair.

This season’s news, the upholstered Herman Chair is on its way and will be available soon. Herman Studio also designed a whole range of other furniture and accessories. See the entire collection here