Sekki series – A material with history

Sekki series – A material with history

We combined a traditional material with a contemporary expression and made it a perfect fit for a modern everyday life

Sekki is Japanese for stoneware, and our new series unites the traditions of the magical island nation with a modern expression. We discovered a classic material, the so-called purple clay which has some unique qualities and therefore, was especially used in the rich traditions of a Japanese tea ceremony.

The purple clay is not at all purple, rather usually brown or reddish but original Chinese name for the material translates to purple clay. It’s characterised by a striking surface with a coarse feel. But the most extraordinary feature about the clay must be the fact that it absorbs fluid, which is why traditionally the cups for tea ceremonies were never washed, causing that the flavours were influenced by time.

This is not a feature that we kept in our Sekki series of cups, bowls, a salt jar and flower pots, but we treasure materials or craftsmanship with a great story. We kept the distinctive feel of the clay but updated the series to be a match with a modern lifestyle, which among other things means that it is dishwasher proof.

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