The Designer’s Favourites

The Designer’s Favourites

Our Creative Director and Founder, Trine guides us through her favourites of the Spring/Summer ’17 collection

With so many lovely new designs in the Spring/Summer ’17 collection, we are having a hard time picking our favourites, so instead we made our Creative Director, Trine show us her darlings

Her choices mirror the atmosphere of the new collection with silky-soft materials, bolder colour hues, and a glimpse of times gone by.

1. Buckle Jar
“Cast iron is a great material, and here, it joins forces with the graphic look and feel of the lidded jar. It’s perfect for salt in the kitchen, for rings on the night stand, or little treats on the coffee table.”

2. Adorn Mirror
“There is nothing like a mirror to add more depth to a room, and the subtle adornment of the brass mounting makes the mirror a piece of jewellery in your home, and so much more than just a mirror."

3. Coupled Trays
“I love how the Coupled Trays reflects light and give a modern touch to the powdered metal. Combined with the antique mirror effect it brings an interesting detail into the home that tells a story, and that is something I usually go for when choosing how to decorate my home.”

4. Salon Cushions
“One of my sources of inspiration is mixing materials, patterns, and colours that are not usually combined. The Salon Cushions are a perfect example of this with their decadent contrast to a subtle décor. I think of it as Nordic decadence!”

5. Hush Bedding
“Like so many others I value my sleep, and the new series Hush – especially the yarn-dyed version – is the bedding I’ve been looking for for years. It’s incredibly soft, and I like that you can feel the manufacturing of the fabric in a simple touch.”