The scents of winter - Christmas 2017

The scents of winter - Christmas 2017

Our Christmas Collection 2017 channels the feeling of togetherness and a subtle touch of magic

Outside, winter paints with its big brush and turns our surroundings into a unicoloured palette of grey. The lush streaks of summer wither away but with wintry weather also comes the magical blankets of snow, crispy ice crystals, and the frosty twilight. Our new Christmas collection 2017 brings solace in the shape of twinkling treats, ornaments, and candleholders that will spread light through the dark season.

The scents of lit candles, cinnamon, and the scent of fresh pine needles brought home from the forest are essential in our Christmas tradition. To us, Christmas is not a season nor a show; it’s a feeling, a mood, a state of togetherness in that magical time of year.

Celebrating this, we adorn our homes that feel good, are made of honest materials and carry a story with them, which will unfold during wintertime. The highlights of the Christmas Collection feature the classic like the Candleholder Circle, updated versions of the Christmas Stocking, and Christmas tree skirt. We have created small decorations of tree and brass for you to adorn your home through the season, Christmas tree decorations, and of course plenty of cosy items to spread warmth in Winter.

And so, we gather our family and watch as the enchanted time of winter play out before us. We place little pieces of magic and lovely scents around our home, waiting as they evoke sweet memories of snowfall, children ice-skating, and good times spent with the people we love most.

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Merry Christmas!