Trend Talks: Dark Green

Trend Talks: Dark Green

Dark green is prevalent in interior design at the moment, used for anything from walls to vases. And let’s face it, although it’s a dark, moody colour, it works wonders

It started with a plant; the Monstera Deliciosa was all of a sudden in every picture and every styling and for a while, the big, evergreen plant seemed inevitable. Today, the colour has moved from the botanical world and onwards to practically every corner of the home.

It’s been a while. The last time we decided that the shade was a hit was in the 80’s, and 90’s where the dark green kitchens were found in every home, and we have to admit that we’re happy to welcome it back. Because although it might be a bold move from whites to greens on walls or more permanent things such as a kitchen or couch, it really shouldn’t hold us back. Because the thing about dark green is that it’s not only dark and moody; it’s calm, natural and a great contrast to many other colours, natural materials such as wood and brass, and not least, of course: plants.


Green Glamour

There is a certain glamorous feel to dark green walls, and they may cast a lavish light in a room. In short: Dark green has the ability to make other things look better.

A couch or a daybed quickly evolves into a centrepiece in the living room. And choosing a dark green shade for these creates a foundation for the rest of your styling. A dark green woollen couch isn’t at all that crazy and only slightly more experimental than a black or dark grey. Similarly, a large pendant hanging above the dinner table may create the same focal point.

But of course, there are also all the little things. From tableware to a box of greens. No matter on how grand a scale you decide to go green, you will experience how that little green dash will make the interior more natural, more cosy and soothing, while simply looking great.


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