Trend Talks: Terrazzo

Trend Talks: Terrazzo

There is no missing the speckled trend of the year: Terrazzo. What was once just a flooring has reappeared in the design world on everything from fashion to furniture

In the 16th century of Venice, the today so popular terrazzo was invented, almost by accident. In opposition to the much more expensive polished marble floors, the construction workers realised how re-using the leftover, small marble chips would be a cheap and easy way of creating floors for people who were not part of the wealthy aristocracy of the city. This is before the invention of electrical tools and chemicals, so initially, the floors were polished by hand with a stone and sealed with goat milk – a substance that proved efficient in making the colours of the odd-sized chips stand out.

This flooring method has been refined and made much more efficient since, and today terrazzo remains a sustainable, cost-efficient flooring, used both inside and outside. What probably couldn’t have been predicted in the 1500’s Venice, is that the pattern today has been reinvented and is practically everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram with images of furniture and fashion pieces, presenting itself as a must-have of the season.

We have collected an inspiring selection of some of the ways terrazzo is being used right now on our Pinterest

What we love about terrazzo is the mosaic look with endless possibilities to play with colours and shapes and our Spring/Summer ’17 collection presents a couple of fresh interpretations. For our Terrazzo wallpaper, we went with two versions: one with a rose background colour, one with a grey. On both kinds, our odd-size chips are placed further apart than traditionally and come in the colours of the season: Curry, dusty blue, and green, added a few whites for contrast. This way, its mien leans against the Mediterranean vibe of the terrazzo, while also being a playful confetti-like pattern, perfect for a gaudy design of a home.

The differences in the terrazzo print of the Knot Bean Bag are slightly more significant: one has the same rose background with dusty blue, burgundy, curry, and white chips, the other a dark blue background colour with white, grey, and black speckles.

Terrazzo can be multi-coloured and bouncy, but may also come in subtle, more classic versions. Such a version is our spotted Buckle Paper Towel HolderBuckle Jar, and the matching Cast Iron Candleholder, which are not 1:1 replicas of the Italian floors but borrows from the same aesthetic of mixing shapes on a solid colour. Though being more monochrome in their expression, the accessories will bring a classic look full of life and history onto any table, or wherever else you choose to place them.

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