Paddle People - 1

    Paddle People - 1

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    The Paddle People project made by Rikke Jo Tholstrup for ferm LIVING, consists of a series of decorative wooden paddles with knit covers. The patterns of the knit is layered and graphic, inspired by patterns and sculpture from the Indigenous art of North America. There are 5 different designs created and only 10 of each available and they’ll be sold from the start of April. The entire piece - wood to knit - is handmade and sourced in Denmark, with the knitted pieces being produced in a 1950s knitwear factory in western Denmark.

    Item no: 9701
    Colour: Multi
    Size: W: 19,5 cm x H: 130,5 cm,
    Knitted part: W: 19,5 x H: 58,5 cm,
    Handle: H: 78 cm, Leather Harness Length: 4 cm
    Material: Cotton/Acrylic, Pinewood with mahogany details


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