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blend tablecloth

Whether you go for a casual everyday look or you throw a formal dinner party, the Blend tablecloth may just be the right starting point. The luxurious textile is loosely woven, and the design is reversible, giving you the freedom to choose the colour of the day
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haze shelf

Wired glass and sleek, powder-coated metal create a shelf that has a classical expression with a twist. Use it as base for your beauty products in the bathroom or textiles and small bowls in the kitchen
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salon cushions

A touch of decadence pops up in the fall season again. THE HOME collection features new must-have designs for the Salon series, featuring an eclectic bouquet of fashion textiles
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grain tea towels

The new Grain Tea Towel is created in the tradition of excellent craftsmanship, which makes the jacquard weaving stand out and create the dynamic colour combinations. It's made of 100 % organic cotton
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collect lighting

Our Collect Lighting Series has been updated with new colours and shapes, giving you even more freedom of choice in the making of your personalised lamp