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Collect Lighting News

Create customised lighting solutions to every room of your home. The Collect Lighting Series gives you countless possibilities to combine your favourite colours and shapes. Explore the new black brass socket pendants and shades
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Fein Series

When setting the perfect table, style is in detail. The Fein series offers the perfect bar and kitchen accessories with a contemporary look of the honest brass.
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Update your home with new colours, textures, or small details from our big summer sale. With styles for every corner of your life, from the kitchen to the kids' room. Save up to 70% on your ferm LIVING favourites now!
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Ripple Long Drink Glasses

The ripples create and irresistible play of light in the surface of the Ripple Glass series. Enjoy the long summer evenings in good company with your favourite drink served in the classic, yet contemporary tall glasses
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Hourglass pots

Made of blackened steel and with a significant and voluminous expression, these pots give your plants a spacious and stylish new home. You can use the pots both ways according to your plants' needs and both inside and outside