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blend kitchen towels

Blend Hand & Tea Towel owes its humble yet luxurious feel to the loosely woven threads that create a classical textile mix between natural cotton and linen
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There is no missing the speckled trend of the year: Terrazzo. The mosaic look offers endless possibilities to play with colours and shapes and our Spring/Summer ’17 collection presents a couple of fresh interpretations
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collect lighting series

Create customised lighting solutions to every room of your home. The Collect Lighting Series gives you countless possibilities to combine your favourite colours and shapes
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ripple champagne saucers

Celebration comes with an iridescent light of the new Ripple Champagne Saucers – a mouth-blown glass for sparkling wines with a sculptural expression, and classic glamour feel
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colour block bed cover

Sharp contrasts and distinctive graphics. This Colour Block Bed Cover creates vivid variations in your bedroom with tonal blocks and lines that run in different directions