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Opal Lampshade

The white, opaque glass was originally used in 16th century's Venice. Now we turned it into lampshades that will brighten up a room with an evenly, soft light
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Desert Tufted Rugs

Our new Desert Rugs are made with the unique tufting technique, which creates dimensions and rich texture in the thick rug. Placing this in your living room will not only be a beautiful addition but also form the foundation of a cosy atmosphere
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BAU Pots

The BAU collection unites form and function and provides the best care for your plants with stylish pots and watering cans. The galvanised steel with a grooved surface is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
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Wall Box

Add new dimensions of green to your home with our new wall-mounted boxes. Create a sprouting plant wall, or use them as practical storage, for soaps and creams, or kitchen tools you want to keep within reach
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Ripple Glass Series

The mouth-blown glasses with a finely rippled surface are part of a beautiful glass series to use as your everyday glasses or on festive occasions