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Smoked Bubble Glass Hooks

We have introduced a new material to our popular hooks concept: Smoked bubble glass. Combining contemporary style with playfulness, the hooks not only offer you easy storage but also add a surprising touch
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Round Plant Box

Choose your favourite colour and fill the new round Plant Box with plants. It’s an easy and stylish way of adding more greenery into your home or on your patio
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Hale Tea Towel

Meet spring with a pop of colour. Our new line of tea towels, made of a lovely and durable mix of linen and cotton, offers you six different designs so you can add fresh colours to your kitchen which will feel like new all over again
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Ripple Carafe Set in Smoked Grey

The set of a handy glass carafe with a matching glass, which doubles as a lid is updated with smoked glass. The combination of the rippled surface and black colour tones gives you a fine pair for your dinner parties or in your office
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New Kitchen Textiles

With its subtle blue texture, denim is one of the most durable textiles, which makes it perfect for our new line of kitchen styles. Two different types of aprons, an oven mitt, and pot holders help you stay focused on the magic in your pots and pans