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Ripple Carafe Set in Smoked Grey

The set of a handy glass carafe with a matching glass, which doubles as a lid is updated with smoked glass. The combination of the rippled surface and black colour tones gives you a fine pair for your dinner parties or in your office
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New Kitchen Textiles

With its subtle blue texture, denim is one of the most durable textiles, which makes it perfect for our new line of kitchen styles. Two different types of aprons, an oven mitt, and pot holders help you stay focused on the magic in your pots and pans
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Gami Shelf

With inspiration found in the classic art of origami the Gami Shelf is based on the aesthetic of a folded sheet of paper. The shelf is made in one piece of powder-coated metal and comes in two different sizes
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Orb Watering Can

Despite its small size, the Orb Watering Can holds up to 2 litre water. Made with two round elements and a handle which continues through the opening on the top, and its distinctive design is created to be put on display in-between watering your plants
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Trace Wall Clock

Stripped from all unnecessary decorations, the Trace Wall Clock features the essentials of a clock. The two single brass hands stand out on the background of blackened steel and form a delicate expression in the home