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Herman Series

Seating comfort is imperative when choosing a new chair for your home. The Herman Series provides you with well-designed chairs and stools, comfortable enough to hold you for hours.
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Shell Pot

Based on the immeasurable aesthetics of nature, the Shell Pot lets a nautic breeze into your home. Fill it with your favourite flowers or let its sculptural yet simple expression by its own decorate any room of yours.
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Place Bench

Made of blackened steel, the Place Bench presents a surface full of character and a sturdy and durable bench. With its deliberately unbalanced composition, the exact look varies with your perspective.
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The Arum Lamps

Named after the Arum plant, this family of table, floor and wall lamps is characterised by an organically shaped lampshade that gently pends from a softly curved metal structure in a leaf-like manner.
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Collect Lighting News

Create customised lighting solutions to every room of your home. The Collect Lighting Series gives you countless possibilities to combine your favourite colours and shapes. Explore the new black brass socket pendants and shades