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new collection

We are eager to unveil the Spring/Summer 2017 collection to you. The new collection centres about Nordic decadence appearing in rich nuances and unequalled soft textiles.
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coupled trays

Place candles or small decorations on the Coupled Tray and enjoy as light reflects out into your room through the antique mirror. Coupled unites past and present and grant a contemporary look a glimpse of bygone eras
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salon cushions

More is more, and the solution is glitter. The Salon Cushions mimic the atmosphere of French salons in decadent times and offer you a splash of colour and glamour zephyr in your home.
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ripple champagne saucer

We celebrate the launch of our new collection with our favourite new Ripple Champagne Saucers: A classic, mouth-blown glass that offers a modern dynamic and fresh energy to any festive occasion
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hush bedding

Designs for the entire family with a natural aesthetics lets you create your own mix of dim colours and patterns. The Hush series is made entirely of gently produced, organic cotton with minimal impact on our environment