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Plant Box

Choose your favourite colour and fill the Plant Box with plants. They are an easy and stylish way of adding more greenery into your home even if you don't have large window sills
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Ripple Rhapsody

This spring, we present our very own signature drink. Made of homemade rhubarb cordial, gin, and Aperol Ripple Rhapsody is a taste of home and the perfect drink for the summer’s parties
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Green for Spring

As spring sprouts outside your windows, bring the joy with you inside. Our Green Living category offers many modern ways of greening up your home with pots, planters, and stands
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Opal Lampshade

The white, opaque glass was originally used in 16th century's Venice. Now we turned it into lampshades that will brighten up a room with an evenly, soft light
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Desert Tufted Rugs

Our new Desert Rugs are made with the unique tufting technique, which creates dimensions and rich texture in the thick rug. Placing this in your living room will not only be a beautiful addition but also form the foundation of a cosy atmosphere