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Nothing can be as revealing about taste, personality and temper as your bookshelf. To help you start – or grow – your collection, we gift you the book Insiders & Company from Gestalten with every purchase of a pair of Luru Bookends
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Mirage Cushions

With imagery found in the mystic atmosphere of oasis and desert paradises, the Mirage series turns objects into abstract shapes and beautiful forms
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Podia Table

With inspiration from the sculptural arts, the Podia Table is a large side table made of wood. Although it takes up space in a room, it lets you clean up in style when you lift the top and find its practical storage room
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A Greener Home

We designed the classic Plant Box three years ago; today it has grown into a larger series of versatile designs that let you add green plants to every corner of your life
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Salon Cushions

A touch of glamour and a sumptuous colour palette enter your home with the Salon Cushions made of fashion textiles. They have a backside of uni-coloured velvet and an exclusive piping