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Adorn Mirror

Adorn your home with this beautiful face mirror with a brass bracket. With simple, aesthetic details, you get a contemporary mirror which can create a sense of space in any room.
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Marbling Wallpaper

Inspired by the marvellous tradition of paper marbling, this line of wallpapers has a unique surface design matching that of colours on water in motion. It's available in three different colours.
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Naturally clean

Akin Dish Cloth is the perfect accessory for a natural kitchen. The soft knit is a sustainable alternative to conventional dishcloths and towels as it is made of 100% and free of micro-plastic
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Mingle Table Top

The Mingle Tabletops combine a contemporary colour play, contrasts and soft textures in a personalised table in perfectly balanced proportions. The tabletop is available in several colours and different sizes
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Hush Bedding

Winter invites for darker colours and long mornings curling up in the softest of sheets. We have updated the Hush Series with a new cognac colour, which goes well with the mood of the season