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Everything that takes place in your home – every party and casual coffees with a dear friend – each leave their mark. This guestbook makes cherished memories of all of it that stay long after the party is over
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Marbling Wallpaper

Inspired by the marvellous tradition of paper marbling, this line of wallpapers has a unique surface design matching that of colours on water in motion. It's available in three different colours
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Brown Marble Table

The beautiful brown marble forms the basis of these classic marble tables. The natural texture of the stone contrasts the sleek powder coated metal of the frame. Available in two sizes
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Opal Lampshade

The white, opaque glass was originally used in 16th century's Venice. Now we turned it into lampshades that will brighten up a room with an evenly, soft light
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Flying Shelf

This shelf is more than just storage; with its geometry-inspired mounting it makes out a little art piece on the wall. Choose between brass and chrome and make an artful statement in your home