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tableware for christmas

Christmas to us equals family dinners and good company. Set a beautiful table with the Neu tableware series complete with bowls, plates and serving dishes for all the lovely seasonal food
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hooks and knobs

Adorn your home with the little gems from our new Hooks concept made of the natural materials, brass and semi-precious stones
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circle candleholder

The Circle Candleholder is a classic candle ring that you can use during Christmas for the four Sundays of Advent with sweet decorations and foliage. After Christmas, it’s beautiful in its simplicity on its own
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sekki series

Made with traditional craftsmanship, the Sekki series of modern stoneware channels history into your contemporary setting. Sekki features bowls, cups, pots, and a little salt jar to complete your table setting
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bubble glass

Used as a vase or candleholder, the new series of Bubble Glass Objects create the illusion of time standing still, giving you a precious moment of tranquillity