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mingle tabletops

The Mingle Tabletops combine a contemporary colour play, contrasts and soft textures in a personalised dining table or desk in perfectly balanced proportions. The tabletop is available in several colours and different sizes
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quilt cushion

It is no secret that we have a soft spot for softness. And our Quilt Cushions are unequal in this with its mix of natural wool and the stretchy nylon. Now also available in a small version.
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herman café table

Create the right cafe atmosphere with the Herman Café Table, uniting a clear silhouette with sculptural legs in an elegant expression.
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punctual rose

The airy look of the perforated shelves creates a nice contrast to the industrial reference of our modular system Punctual, designed to grow with you and your home
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fein teaspoons

Find shelter from the winter's cold; curl up with your favourite cup of tea or coffee, stirring it gently with the brass plated teaspoon. Perfect for a lovely evening, but will also be a natural part of a beautiful table setting.