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Hedgehog Wallpaper

From a distance they may seem like blurred dots, but stepping closer you’ll see how this new wallpaper is inhabited by tiny, cute hedgehogs. Curled up or sniffling around, the sweet hedgehogs await your child’s imagination
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Knitted Ball Hanging Mobile

Small knitted balls float from a ring and form a sweet and subtle mobile to entertain your child and lighten up the kids' room
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Fruiticana Bedding

Make the springe more exotic with this new Fruiticana bedding with tropical motifs. It’s made of 100% organic and GOTS certified cotton
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The Beginning of My Life

The Beginning of My Life is a sweet way for you to keep all the precious moments of early childhood safe. With little boxes, notebooks, and cotton bags, it holds the memories you won't ever want to forget
go to shop Hangers for the Kids’ Wardrobe

Hangers for the Kids’ Wardrobe

With their tiny ears, the new kids’ hangers bear the little ones’ clothes or funny costumes in playful style. They’re made of recycled cardboard and come in set of five in one of the four different colours