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braided baskets

These sweet and cupcake shaped baskets have been braided by hand using finely twined paper that makes for a lasting, yet flexible storage basket for toys, sweets or teddies
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little architect

Make room for your little geniuses to shape and form ideas, throw small dinner parties or colour for hours. ferm LIVING's Little Architect series include a table, chairs, a bench and desk in five different colours that match so that you can mix them all together
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stripy snakes

Say hi to Stripy Snakes – your new softest friend, a playful toy, or a sweet bed bumper. They are made of 100 % organic cotton in two lovely colour combinations and match the new Little Stripy Blankets
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kids growth chart

Childhood is growing up, and this paper chart lets you follow each centimetre of the way. Keep track on the development when you write the results on the paper chart
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popcorn cushions

Feel the design of our brand new Popcorn Cushions. Whimsical dots stand out from the soft knitted fabric due to the popcorn technique we used when making them