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funkis house

The little Funkis House mirrors our love of modern and simple architechture and offers at the same time a nice place for a little display of small decorations in the kids’ room
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little architect

Made of wood and with simple contours, Little Architect allows you to explore different combinations of the matching colours, mixing and matching the furniture so that the set will be just right
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hush bedding

A bed with the organic Hush bedding is the softest place for the little ones to romp around on the slow mornings. Mix and match the colours as you like to create a personal combination
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swan wallpaper

Most swans mate for life, so we let the Swan Wallpaper be a sweet love story that will shroud your children's room in a fairy tale atmosphere with a little touch of magic
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ABC wall deco

Give your kids a fun way to learn the alphabet with the ABC Wall Deco hanging in their room. With fringes and bright colours, the wall carpet becomes a playful art piece on its own