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Pear Braided Basket

Braided in the shape of a fruity pear this design gives you a lovely storage solution for the kids’ room. Fill it with teddies, blankets, or toys to playfully make more space in their universe
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Moon Wallpaper

In dreams, we can make up worlds and explore places we’ve never been. The Moon Wallpaper will let your children be an astronaut on a journey to the moon and back
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Moon Bedding

The organic Moon Bedding will let your children be astronauts for the night on a journey to the moon and back – just in time for a fresh start to a new morning
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Miniature Funkis House

The little Funkis House mirrors our love of modern and simple architecture and offers at the same time a nice place for a little display of small decorations and favourite toys in the kids’ room
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Terrazzo Pencil Case

Keep all pencils and crayons at hand ready for homework or colouring with this new pencil case in the playful and smart terrazzo print