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swan bedding

Our Swan Bedding in rose will cuddle your children and give bedtime a touch of fairy tales. The Swan Bedding is made of 100 % organic GOTS cotton to take care of you and the environment
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seaside mobile

Let your baby be lulled to sleep with the Seaside mobile dangling above the bed. The bobbing fishing boats and sweet houses in neutral colours will also work as a perfect entertainment during nappy changes
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miniature funkis house

We want our sweet memories to have a nice home. With our memories living in the Funkis Miniature House, the good times we shared with friends and family will never be more than a quick glance away
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punctual rose

Our new and practical modular shelving system easily fills up with toys, books or stuffed animals. Designed to grow with you and your home, the Punctual series fits perfectly into the kids' room with playful colours
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house wall storage

Use it for toys or to keep little secrets. The House Wall Storage is ready with small and larger pockets to keep clutter at bay in the kids' room